We renovate for you!

"When life gives you lemons, make lemonade out of them!" goes a life lesson. So why reinvent the wheel? According to this motto, I started today and will in the coming days and weeks until the reopening of our dojo fundamentally renovate, renovate and redecorate.

Thanks to the support of some loyal members, something like this can be managed well even in times of crisis. In addition to a complete repaint, the dojo of the German Top Team also new mats from Okami Fightgear missed. The participants of the ADCC German Open Championships were already extremely taken with the Premium mats last year, which are now also being installed in our dojo.

On our Facebook page we will post pictures of the rebuild so that you can follow our hard work. All members of the German Top Team will also be listed internally in our Facebook group and will be informed weekly with a live video on Mondays.

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