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After working day and night on the new online community for the German Top Team for the last 7 days, I quickly realized that I would not get anywhere with "just" a professional hosting package. In the long run, there was only one solution: an own server. While I am typing this article after my eighth or ninth cup of coffee, I am installing the operating system for the new German Top Team server! Quasi "German Top Team 2.0". 

Connected to a high-quality CDN and of course with full SSL encryption - plus plenty of RAM and storage space - and I'm already building the Online Academy a cozy home on the Internet. That's all so easy to write right now, but when I think about the fact that I've been sitting in front of the computer with square eyes for the past few days...

As soon as the server is set up and configured I will start moving the pages to the new "home". Everything is already prepared and if everything goes well, I should be done tonight. I can't wait to upload the videos for the first course and then give the starting signal for the Online Academy.

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