Shooto Rookies and Contenders: Dress rehearsal for the DM successful


Shooto Germany yesterday at the HQ of the German Top Team in Reutlingen the last Shooto events of the year before this year's German championships were held. In "Rookies" and "Contenders" were more than 50 fighters from France and all over Germany at the start and the audience got to see as many fights. A true mammoth program. At the same time, these were the last Shooto fights that were held at the German Top Team HQ in Reutlingen. In the future all further Shooto events will be held in the Gym 24 Lifestlye will be held in Herrenberg, where the new German Top Team Performance Center will be built in cooperation with Gym 24 in December.

German Shooto Commission in action

But now back to the fights on yesterday's Sunday. The German Shooto Commission was well prepared for the onslaught and once again the commission impressed with precise work and a minute organization. Thus one could hold the more than 50 fights altogether in approximately four hours and ring physician Dr. Juergen Mack had fortunately nothing to do, although since summer this year in the Shooto in Germany the head protection is renounced. The German Shooto Commission was represented by:

  • Referee René Zeller (ISC certified)
  • Referee Sven Fortenbacher
  • Judge Peter Angerer (ISC certified)
  • Judge Bruno-Hervé Rico (ISC certified)
  • Judge Michael Ettlen (ISC certified)
  • Ring doctor Dr. Jürgen Mack

High technical level in the fights

Surprising was again that the high technical level in "Rookies" had already increased again. It is clear that the development work of recent years through numerous events visibly promotes the technical development of MMA in Germany. Also with the schools a few power spots in Germany stand out. The Hammers Team in Nuremberg has caused quite a stir at the past events and should be one of the top addresses in southern Germany, along with Elysium MMA, Stallion Gym and Herzblut Sportclub.

Results and rankings

As always, the results will be published directly after the fights on our federation platform on Smoothcomp and can be viewed there.

Results Shooto "Rookies X

Results Shooto "Contenders XXXII"

At the same time, all rankings of Shooto Germany have been automatically calculated and updated, so that today you can already view the rankings on the latest level.

Shooto Rankings Amateurs

Shooto Rankings Pros


Awards for special achievements went to:

Best technician: Daniil Khudiakov (Herzblut Sportclub)
Best KO/Finish: Kemal Cerimagic (Kamikaze Gym Lüdenscheid)
Samurai Spirit Award: Björn Herrmann (Samurai Fight Team Leipzig)


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