Shooto rules: No more head protection for the amateurs


Shooto rule change

Since the European Championships in Shooto of the amateurs last week in Holland, a rule change has been implemented, which will now also come into force at all future amateur Shooto events in Germany: the elimination of head protection. Thus, in the D and C class in the future no more encounters will be held with mandatory head protection.

Shooto "Rookies" and "Contenders

Last weekend the next three dates for amateur Shooto competitions in Germany were set. Two more "Rookies" and one "Contenders" event should enable the amateur fighters in our country to gain further competition experience and important points for the Shooto Ranking in Germany.

Entries are now possible for all three competitions. In addition, there will be the possibility to withdraw your entry for all three events and to receive an automatic refund of already paid entry fees. The information about this can be found in the event description on Smoothcomp.

Registration SHOOTO Rookies IX 2022

Registration SHOOTO Contenders XXXII 2022

Registration SHOOTO Rookies X 2022


German Championships 2022

The grand finale will then be the German Shooto Championships of amateurs in December, where Shooto Germany this year for the first time offers the start in two classes. Athletes can participate in the D class (preliminary round 1×3 minutes, final 2×2 minutes) and in the C class (preliminary round 1×4 minutes, final 2×3 minutes). More information about the German Championships 2022 will be published soon here on Kakutogi appear.

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