SHOOTO KINGS 9: Günes and Winizki join in

Shooto Kings

SHOOTO KINGS IX, the prestigious event of Shooto Germany, has two more top fighters under contract: Erhan Günes (German Top Team HQ) and Grigori Winizki (Samurai Fight Team Leipzig) are also listed on the fightcard and suitable opponents for the two strikers are currently still being sought.

KO Power House Erhan Günes

The Reutlinger made short work of his last appearance in Shooto "Contenders XXXI" and won already after 42 seconds in round 1 by KO. Thereby the cage looked like a slaughterhouse afterwards and had to be cleaned from blood for several minutes before continuing with the next fights again. So Günes is a man known less for his good cardio than for his terrible KO power. With him on the fight card it should be entertaining and exciting for the spectators, because he certainly doesn't plan to go the full time in this fight.

The samurai from Leipzig Grigori Winizki

The Shidokan world champion and K1 vice world champion is certainly the most feared striker in the German Top Team. His experience is huge and he has already made his debut in SHOOTO KINGS I in this label. In 2015 he fought at SHOOTO KINGS III in a brutal 4-man tournament for the title in his class and is one of the best Shooto fighters in the welterweight division in Germany.

If you want to be a fighter at this spectacle on 10.12., you should apply here:

Application SHOOTO KINGS IX: Sengoku

For this, a Smoothcomp account is required, which can be created quickly and free of charge. From all athletes the suitable candidates for SHOOTO KINGS IX: Sengoku will be selected and notified by the match maker until the end of October. So there are only two weeks left to apply for a fight!

All professional fighters will receive a contract, travel expenses, hotel and fee for their fight. The event is broadcast live worldwide and is free of charge. So you can really fight on a big stage in the Octagon and convince with your performance.


Place: Gym 24 Lifestyle, Daimlerstrasse 13, Herrenberg
Date: Saturday, 10.12.2022
Time: 8 pm (admission from 7:30 pm)

Main Event

A-Class Shooto (3×5 minutes) Men -70,3 kg: Sven "Fujin" Fortenbacher (German Top Team HQ) vs. tba

Co-Main Event

A-Class Shooto (3×5 minutes) Women -57,2 kg: Tanja Angerer (Total Combat Thannberg) vs. tba

Featured Fights

A-Class Shooto (3×5 minutes) Men -77,1 kg: Grigori Winizki (Samurai Fight Team) vs. tba

B-Class Shooto (2×5 minutes) Men -77,1 kg: Patrick Deile (German Top Team HQ) vs. tba

B-Class Shooto (2×5 minutes) Men -120,0 kg: Erhan Günes (German Top Team HQ) vs. tba

*further fights will be announced soon


All finals of the German Amateur Shooto Championships of adults in D and C class



Tickets will be available online in advance from 15.11.2002 or from the fighters in the teams.


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