Shooto: The candidates for TEAM GERMANY


The upcoming Shooto European Championships in Utrecht (Holland) will show a TEAM GERMANY of Shooto in Germany. After long research and sighting of all results were chosen by Shooto Germany President Peter Angerer selected the following athletes as candidates for the national team:

Shooto Team Germany

-61,2 kg

Konstantin Kusminych (IRBIS Free Fight Club)
Björn Herrmann (Samurai Fight Team Leipzig)

-65,8 kg

Mert Örcün (SIT Vale Tudo Team Pforzheim)

-70,3 kg

Matthew Mays (Kenan Academy Würzburg)
Valera Lando (Samurai Fight Team Leipzig)

-77,1 kg

Tilo Kramer (Kenan Academy Würzburg)
Sergey Timkov (Living Jiu-Jitsu)

-83.9 kg

Alfio Leonardi (Escorpiao Luta Livre)
Simon Jasbinschek (Suum Cuique Mainz)
Gela Disadze (Samurai Fight Team Leipzig)

-93.0 kg

Joachim Schönberger (Kampfgeist Gym)

The coaches of the athletes have now until 18.06. Time to confirm the participation in the Shooto European Championship. This is done exclusively by e-mail to angerer@german-top-team.com. The registration will then be done and paid by Shooto Germany. This also includes the VA number and registration with the sports authority in the Netherlands. In addition, all athletes from MatGuerilla and equipped with a pair of fightshorts and a team rashguard. In addition, the athletes are coached by the two national coaches Rafael Pratnicki and Sven Fortenbacher.

In the e-mail the following data of the fighters must be mentioned completely:

First name
Family name
Date of birth
Current fight record in amateur MMA

Team address
Team website
Team email

Rashguard size
Fightshort size

Athletes who can't/won't participate or haven't reported back by 18.06. will be deleted without substitution. On Monday, 20.06. the final Team Germany will be published here on Kakutogi announced and entered for the competition.

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