SHOOTO: the hot phase of the 2022 season

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The season 2022 goes into the hot phase! After 2020 and 2021 were virtually "dead pants" due to Corona, Shooto Germany 2022 has started at full throttle and really put some extraordinary events on the legs. At a total of 4 "Rookies" events, athletes from France, Switzerland, Austria and all over Germany fought and completed no less than 150 fights! So goes development work!

But also at "Contenders XXXI" at the end of May, in addition to the amateurs, the semi-pros also had their chance. Under the same rules as at "We love MMA" (2×5 minutes without elbows) the aspiring fighters gained valuable experience in the Octagon. And they all have one thing in common: get fit for the upcoming German Championships and SHOOTO KINGS IX on 10.12.2022 in Herrenberg! There, the grand finale of 2022 will take place on a grand scale in Gym 24.

German Shooto Championships and SHOOTO KINGS

For the first time the German Championships of the amateurs will be fought in two different classes: in the D-class (Rookies) and in the C-class (Contenders). The difference lies in the rules, because in the D-class knee strikes to the head and Heelhooks are prohibited. In addition, in the preliminary round is fought only over 1×3 minutes, in the C-class over 1×4 minutes. There are also small differences in the finals. While in the D-class also in the final (2×2 minutes) also in protective equipment is fought, the finals in the C-class (2×3 minutes) take place without protective equipment.

To get fit in the final spurt to the German Championships and SHOOTO KINGS, we offer all amateurs and professionals the following fighting opportunities in October and November:

SHOOTO "Contenders XXXII" in October

In October, all amateurs of the C-class and the semi-pro fighters can once again compete in Shooto. Especially for the semi-pro fighters it is about a possible ticket for the return of SHOOTO KINGS. The flagship of Shooto Germany has so far impressed with hard-hitting match-ups and internationally great occupied encounters. Some of the German fighters who competed here could recommend themselves for fights at Bellator FC, Brave FC, Quest FC, Shooto Japan and DEEP Jewels in Japan. Whoever delivers a good performance here has arrived in the crosshairs of the matchmakers and can look forward to offers.

If you want to be in the cage at "Contenders XXXII", you can easily register via our platform on Smoothcomp. Participation is of course free of charge for semi-pro fighters.

SHOOTO "Contenders XXXII" Registration for Amateurs and Semi-Pros

SHOOTO "Rookies X" in November

The tenth edition of Rookies will be another hot one in the Reutlingen Octagon. There are already entries and who has followed our last events, knows that the "booth" will be full again. A first-class opportunity for all interested teams and athletes to gain important experience and to check his performance level in a dress rehearsal before the German Championships.

SHOOTO "Rookies X" registration for amateurs

Your chance with SHOOTO KINGS

Interested professional fighters can register for free at Smoothcomp for SHOOTO KINGS IX: Sengoku. Only here we will select the fighters who are eligible for fights at the top event. Entries can be made in B-Class (Semi-Pro, 2×5 minutes without elbows) and A-Class (Pro, 3×5 minutes with elbows). We will contact all eligible fighters at the end of October then, send a contract and after we receive the contract we will release the fight publicly. Only fights where both fighters have returned a contract will be made public.

Application/Registration SHOOTO KINGS IX: Sengoku

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