Shooto "Contenders XXXI" with spectacular fights

Shooto Germany has held official Professional Shooto fights in Germany for the first time in over two years. At "Contenders XXXI" the spectators in the sold-out German Top Team HQ saw six consistently gripping and technically very high quality fights, all of which were characterized by extreme fighting spirit and high athleticism.

Shooto C-Class 2×3 minutes -77,1 kg: Robin Eixenberger (MMA Erding) vs. Matthew Mays (Kenan Academy Würzburg)

And the opening fight in the amateur Shooto had a lot to offer. Matthew stepped in at short notice, because the opponent of Robin had not appeared and it should show that he had made the right decision. With strong low kicks and knee strikes he could set early accents in the fight, before he climbed after two and a half minutes in the first round from the sidemount into an inside heel hook attack, from which Eixenberger saw no way out and had to knock off.

Winner after 2:22 minutes in round 1 by Heelhook Submission Matthew Mays

Shooto C-Class 2×3 minutes -77,1 kg: Mohamad Albalsha (Axe Gym) vs. Tilo Kramer (Kenan Academy Würzburg)

This fight showed once again that cutting is not the best option to reach his weight. After Tilo clearly dominated the first round and won on the scorecards of all three judges, he suddenly showed clear lack of condition and strength in the second round. Mohamad did not let this chance to turn the tide steal from him and clearly put his stamp on this round. Shortly before the end of the round he got Tilo from the mount in a sidechoke, in which the Würzburger had to knock off shortly before the end of the round.

Winner after 2:50 minutes in round 2 by sidechoke submission Mohamad Albalsha

Fight, Semi Pro Shooto -70,3 kg, 2×5 minutes: Josif Amoev (Samurai Fight Team Leipzig) vs. Patrick Bissinger (Frontera BJJ)

In this fight, both athletes left no stone unturned from the first second and started like the fire department. But it was Josif who clearly made an impact with his precise punches in the stand. A somewhat unsuccessful takedown attempt by Patrick then put Josif in mount position, from where he attacked with strong submission attempts. Visibly marked, Patrick went into the break after the end of the first round. And Josif picked up right where he left off at the start of the second round. He put Patrick under such pressure with hard punches and knee strikes that referee Sven Fortenbacher saw no other option than to stop the fight after 50 seconds in the second round.

Winner after 0:50 minutes in round 2 by TKO Josif Amoev

Fight, Semi Pro Shooto Catchweight -100 kg, 2×5 minutes: Erhan Günes (German Top Team HQ) vs. Eric Boehner (Samurai Fight Team Leipzig)

In this fight, the spectators didn't even have a chance to blink before things got down to business. Erhan had waited almost four years for his first professional fight and right after the starting gun he covered Eric with extremely hard punching volleys and terrible knee strikes in the clinch. Within seconds of starting, Eric began to bleed profusely and after only 42 seconds in round 1, the whole spook was over. A broken nose of Eric made a continuation of the fight impossible and the bloody fight was ended by TKO.

Winner after 0:42 minutes in round 1 by TKO Erhan Günes

Semi Pro Shooto 2×5 minutes -70,3 kg: Michael Ettlen (German Top Team HQ) vs. Kevin Müller (Axe Gym)

A parade performance on the ground gave Michael in his professional debut. Kevin was dangerous in the stand and hit hard and precise. So Michael skillfully shifted the fight to the ground, where he showed all his experience and clearly dominated the action already in the first round. But Kevin made fierce resistance and showed that he comes from a strong BJJ school. He was able to cleverly bring the fight back to the stand shortly before the end, but did not manage to catch up in the first round.

Also in round 2 it was Michael who took the fight to the ground and from there now worked more calmly and methodically towards a submission. After four minutes he had Kevin in a triangle choke, which Kevin could still defend. So Michael skillfully switched to a modified armbar and ended the fight just before the end of the round with a technically flawless submission hold.

Winner after 4:11 minutes in round 2 by armlock submission Michael Ettlen

Fight, Semi Pro Shooto -83,9 kg, 2×5 minutes: Furkan Yalcin (German Top Team HQ) vs. Gela Deisadze (Samurai Fight Team Leipzig)

Furkan is one of the up-and-coming young talents in the German Top Team Reutlingen and went into this fight highly motivated. But Gela had also done his homework and showed himself physically in tremendous shape. But Furkan could quickly put the stamp on the fight by his strong wrestling. Again and again he managed to throw Gela spectacularly and to work on him with punches on the ground. Gela, on the other hand, also showed enormous wrestling talent and managed again and again to fight his way back to the stand.

Round 2 showed the same picture. Furkan was able to bring Gela to the ground again and again, but had a hard time controlling the lively Leipziger, who was able to fight his way back up to the stand several times. However, only to be almost immediately transported down again by Furkan.

In the end, all three judges saw the fight clearly for Furkan with 20:18 and declared him the winner of this spectacular and action-packed fight.

Winner with 3:0 points (20:18, 20:18, 20:18) Furkan Yalcin

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