ONE FC collaborates with Shooto

It was the "Talk of the Town" when we were in Japan at Shooto last week: Shooto Japan announced an exclusive and close collaboration with industries Primus ONE FC. And there was no one in Japan who wasn't completely giddy about it. Shortly before ONE FC's first appearance in Japan, this news burst like a bomb! Sakamoto Kazuhiro, head of Professional Shooto in Japan and promoter of the biggest professional Shooto events, including the legendary "Vale Tudo Japan" series, succeeded with this cooperation a huge step for Shooto into a strong partnership with Asia's biggest and probably also richest MMA primus. For years, it has always been the Shooto champions who are the champions and crowd favorites at ONE FC, such as Naito, Boku or - who doesn't know him - Shinya Aoki.

However, the fact that this cooperation is likely to have consequences for European shooters can be seen from the fact that for the next SHOOTO KINGS VIII: Samurai Spirit a delegation of the leadership of Shooto in Japan comes to Germany.

And it's going to hail a lot of great seminars and meetings!

First and foremost "Mr. Shooto" Rumina Sato! The Shooto legend from Japan comes for the second time to an event in Germany. He will, like last time, also give an exclusive Shooto seminar for trainers and fighters in the German Top Team in Reutlingen. An opportunity that no one should miss if you want to train a few hours with one of the most innovative fighters in the world. Rumina Sato has already beaten Blackbelts with Leglocks and Flying Submissions decades ago. Who doesn't know the famous 6-second flying armbar that still causes rapture among fans?

Sato-san will be accompanied by two high-ranking officials of the Japan Shooto Association, who will offer a referee seminar for all interested from all over Europe as part of the Shooto European Championships.

As a real "cherry on the cream" but also Sakamoto-san has announced his coming. The No. 1 Shooto promoter in the world wants to get a picture of the professional shooters in Germany. Markus Held had made a strong fight against the champion Saito in Japan last week and apparently they are interested in more fighters from Europe.

Interested professional fighters, who would like to fight on the fightcard of SHOOTO KINGS VIII: Samurai Spirit, should best apply via Facebook connect with me set. And it's first come, first served. We like to have our fightcards ready early.

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