New course in progress

Currently shooting a BJJ treat for our students here. Pascal Wagenhaus and Patrick Deile are both among the most successful BJJ fighters in our team. The two Purple Belts have won numerous medals at major tournaments such as ADCC Germany, CBJJE European Championships, NAGA and many more.

Pascal has spent the last two years on business in the USA, or rather in California, the Mecca of BJJ in the States. There he not only won silver at the US Open, but also achieved numerous successes at NAGA events and the IBJJF.

After his return to Germany a few weeks ago, Pascal immediately offered to share his knowledge gained in the USA with the members of the team. He and Patrick have been working for quite some time on the implementation of a very intensive course for BJJ with kimono and first recordings are more than promising.

As soon as the course has been filmed and uploaded to the cloud, I will of course make the content available here in the Online Academy. I am already looking forward to the videos and will work diligently on the lessons shown.


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