Maeda Submissionism Invitational III: the Fight Order is set!

Maeda Submissionism Invitational

Maeda Submissionism Invitational III

Tomorrow at 14 o'clock it goes around in the German Top Team HQ in Reutlingen. For the third time at the Maeda Submissionism Invitational, eight fighters will compete in round robin mode and each of them will have to fight seven fights to claim the title and the Samurai Sword.

Livestream from 2 pm

The livestream for the event will be free and in full on our website tomorrow starting at 2 p.m. Kakutogi available here directly on the home page. No matter whether from your cell phone, computer or TV. You can watch all 28 fights live and in full length here with us.

Veterans of the HELL WEEK at the start

And this year the MSI had a special selection criterion to be considered as a participant in the event. Only participants and trainers of the legendary HELL WEEK in the German Top Team were eligible as fighters. With up to 7 hours of training a day, the participants were really "sharpened" in the last week for the fights tomorrow.

To give you an overview of who will be on the mat tomorrow and against whom, we have compiled all 28 matches graphically:

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