Jan Gromann at the German Kumite Clash 2020

The German Kumite Clash 2020which is organized on 21.03. in Regensburg by Hannah Rauch and Jan Zander, is richer around a further sensation. As was announced yesterday, is now also the reigning ADCC German Open Champion the Professional Masters -76,9 kg Jan Gromann from the Budokeller Bonlanden to be found on the fight card. And that in a real banger duel of two competitive black belts!

Jan Gromann vs. Benedikt Schotthöfer

Jan Gromann

Benedikt Schotthöfer, head coach of Munich MMA, is one of the real big names in BJJ in Germany. He won the ADCC German Open Championships years ago and the black belt in BJJ and Judo is one of the constant guests on the podiums of major tournaments. Most recently, he won the IBJJF Munich Open in the black belt class a few weeks ago, showing that he is one of the real "touchstones" in Germany in this weight class. If you want to be worth something, you should beat Schotthöfer.

That's exactly what Jan Gromann set out to do. Last weekend, he defeated the "Battle Royale" of the coaches of the German Top Team still all six opponents prematurely by submission. Mind you, in a field of participants with two other black belts, professional MMA fighters and ADCC champions! Now Jan Gromann wants to show in the fight against Benedikt Schotthöfer that also with him on the national level in grappling is always to be reckoned.

For the fans a match between the BJJ black belt Ben and the Luta Livre black belt Jan should be a real treat, which is probably hard to beat in terms of excitement. The only thing that helps is: BE LIVE!

Tickets for the event can be ordered conveniently and securely online. The "German Kumite Clash" is definitely an event that you can't miss as a passionate grappler.

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