German Top Team Store is online!

The German Top Team Store (https://www.german-top-team.store) is online! The best kept secret is finally revealed. Only Mario Brunk from Okami Fightgear and my wife Kristin were privy to the plans that an online store with high quality equipment and original German Top Team clothing should finally go online in the spring of 2020. After months of preparation and the design of the first collection, here you can see the result of this work.

After more and more schools network with the German Top Team and we already have official training bases in three states, the demand for our own line of training and competition clothing has grown. Especially in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Grappling the clothing of the competitors shows "flag" for the team.

We have now finished programming the store shortly before the arrival of the first large delivery and have entered all available items. In the coming days, children's sizes will also be created for all items and added to the range, so that schools with a large proportion of children will also get their money's worth.

All items are now available to team leaders and members of affiliated schools via pre-orders. This means that a pre-order period will run for 3-5 weeks, which will also be displayed for each item. After this period, the collected order will then go into production and will be processed by Okami Fightgear shipped directly to the purchasers upon receipt from the supplier.

We wish you much pleasure in our store and give you for the hard time in the Corona crisis also equal to a consolation of a whopping 19% discount, if you use the coupon code


in the form below. The discount will be deducted immediately and you can get ready for the training and competitions after the lockdown with awesome team wear from the German Top Team cover.

But attention: the voucher can only be used once by each user and is only valid until 15.05.2020 at 19:00!

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