German Top Team is the No. 1 in ADCC and Shooto in Germany (so far)

German Top Team, ADCC

The year is slowly coming to an end, and before the athletes step into the Octagon or onto the mat at the last events it is time to look at the rankings. Or rather, with the team rankings in the rankings. For years, both federations have been working through our Federation platform together with Smoothcomp. The advantage is obvious: the rankings of the two associations are automatically updated and calculated directly after each event. This gives a clear overview of the performance level of the schools worldwide, which compete in the events of the associations in Germany.

ADCC Germany

What an eventful and active year 2022 will be for the ADCC in Germany. No less than three events were held by ADCC Germany this year in Gym 24 in Herrenberg. After the German Open in April with an incredible 400 participants from all over the world, the German Nationals followed in June and finally in October the first event of the Super Series. It became clear that the German Top Team HQ in Reutlingen and the German Top Team as Affiliation have the lead in the team ranking in Germany.

ADCC Germany

In the worldwide evaluation of all competing AcademiesThe German Top Team HQ in Reutlingen is just ahead of the renowned Stallion Gym and the internationally renowned Matrix Jiu-Jitsu. A success that makes the fighters and also the coaches in Reutlingen incredibly proud and shows that the hard training work with the many Blackbelts in the team is successful.

For the global Team rankings it is even clearer. Thanks to the success of the athletes from the affiliated schools throughout Germany, the German Top Team is clearly in first place with 65 medals won this season. No other affiliation managed to send so many competitors to the mat. The "army" of the German Top Team has shown this year impressively that they are clearly and by far the No. 1 in grappling in Germany at the most prestigious label worldwide. Our congratulations for this fabulous success goes to all coaches and competitors of the affiliated schools in Grünsfeld, Würzburg, Thannberg, Leipzig, Kempten, Wernau, Bonlanden, Böblingen and Reutlingen!

Shooto Germany

At Shooto there are still four events to go this year, so there is still a lot of room for improvement in these rankings. However, the rankings show quite clearly that no one can get past the German Top Team in Germany when it comes to MMA. Neither in the amateur, nor in the professional area. In addition to ADCC Germany, Shooto Germany has also stepped up a gear this year in terms of events. Nine events are on the calendar this year and especially the "Rookies" series has made it to the MMA Amateurs in Germany and neighboring countries. Almost unassailable are the fighters from the German Top Team Affiliation at the top, with more points than the teams of the following five ranks.

Shooto Germany

At Professional area the picture is even more glaring. With more than 10 times as many points as the second-placed team, the German Top Team is the lonely leader here. No wonder, the professional fighters of the German Top Team are always prepared to the point for their encounters at SHOOTO KINGS, where they mostly meet opponents with a better record. So the victories are not achieved against "fallen fruit", but against internationally experienced champions from Germany and abroad.


Of course, these successes are quite motivating and not only for the German Top Team and all its schools, coaches and fighters. First and foremost it should be motivation for the competition in this country. Motivation to participate more in competitions, to train more competitors and above all to let them fight regularly. No matter if amateurs or professionals in both federations: only those who fight become better.

We would be happy if one or the other team would "like to spit in our soup" when more and even stronger competition appears at the events. Because at the end of the day, that's exactly what makes us better and stronger. Constantly measuring ourselves against the competition, exchanging ideas at the numerous events and, above all, promoting the sport in Germany with the broadest possible base of participants from all over Germany. Without any obligation to belong to a federation, just for the sake of fighting and for the further development of the sport in our country.

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