Fight Card and Schedule "Contenders XXXI

What would be the life of a promoter if everything would just run smoothly? Right, it would probably be pretty boring... Despite some last-minute changes and cancellations, the Orga Team of Shooto Germany under the direction of Sven Fortenbacher now realize a great fightcard for "Contenders XXXI" tomorrow Saturday and just now the final fightcard was set in stone.

For all fighters please be on time for the scales tonight at 19:00 or tomorrow night at 17:00. At the scales the guardians must be present with on site be

Tomorrow is at 17:00 Admission only for fighters, attendants and officials. No other accompanying persons are allowed at this time. After the weigh-in takes place at 17:45 a short briefing of the fighters and supervisors with the Shooto Commission took place. Admission for the audience is at 18:30. 

All seat tickets were sold out within 24 hours, but there are still a few standing room tickets for 19.90 euros in our Ticket Shop. It becomes none box office. Who does not have his ticket until tomorrow at noon has reserved and paid online will not be admitted.

SHOOTO "Contenders XXXI"

Saturday, 28.05.2022
German Top Team HQ, Industrieweg 7a, 72766 Reutlingen, Germany
Door: 18:30 o'clock
Gong: 19:00 o'clock
  1. Fight, Amateur Shooto -83,9 kg, 2×3 minutes: Benjamin Werneth (Exit Asia Freiburg) vs. Maxime Cayet (Delarive Nantes/France)
  2. Fight, Amateur Shooto -77,1 kg, 2×3 minutes: Mohamad Albalsha (Axe Gym) vs. Tilo Kramer (Kenan Academy)
  3. Fight, Semi Pro Shooto -77,1 kg, 2×5 minutes: Alexander Zurharke (Team Laurien and Alex) vs. Emanuel Weber (Ouchi Gym/Switzerland)
  4. Fight, Semi Pro Shooto -77,1 kg, 2×5 minutes: Mike Neulinger (Allerborn Martial Arts School) vs. Robin Eixenberger (MMA Erding)
  5. Fight, Semi Pro Shooto -70,3 kg, 2×5 minutes: Josif Amoev (Samurai Fight Team Leipzig) vs. Patrick Bissinger (Frontera BJJ)
  6. Fight, Semi Pro Shooto -70,3 kg, 2×5 minutes: Kevin Muller (Axe Gym) vs. Michael Ettlen (German Top Team HQ)
  7. Fight, Semi Pro Shooto Catchweight -100 kg, 2×5 minutes: Erhan Günes (German Top Team HQ) vs. Eric Boehner (Samurai Fight Team Leipzig)
  8. Fight, Semi Pro Shooto -83,9 kg, 2×5 minutes: Furkan Yalcin (German Top Team HQ) vs. Gela Deisadze (Samurai Fight Team Leipzig)
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