The Hell Week of the German Top Team with star line-up

Hell Week

The legendary Hell Week of the German Top Team is back! Bigger and stronger than ever and with an absolute star-studded line-up of trainers, teeming with world champions, champions and blackbelts. Seven days of nothing but training, fighting, learning, eating and sleeping. 100% real and 100% Fighter Lifestyle! And all this for one week in the German Top Team HQ!

The Hell Week 2022 is something very special. Never before have we had so many Blackbelts in BJJ, Luta Livre, Judo and Shidokan as this year. And never before have we had such a density of internationally successful champions as trainers at the start.

Hell Week Trainer

Currently we have veterans from Professional Shooto Japan, DEEP Jewels, M1 Global, SHOOTO KINGS, Brave FC, Cagewarriors and FX3, just to cover the MMA division.

Champions of NAGA Germany, Grappling Industries Paris, ADCC German Open and German Nationals, CBJJE Europeans and veterans of the ADCC World Championships show on which level BJJ and Luta Livre is taught at Hell Week.

And for the Stand-Up and Striking area we have four European and World Champions of Shidokan Karate and Kickboxing in our coaching staff. Among them are several winners of the All Japan Open Championships, probably the toughest tournament in Shidokan worldwide.

Any Grappler or MMA FighterIf you want to work on your game intensively for a week in a professional training camp, you can't miss Hell Week 2022. Have a look at the overview of all trainers and the information about the offer here:


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