The German Top Team Online Academy is in the works!

We are defying the Corona crisis with what we do best: hard work. Now that the past four weeks have seen the dojo of the German Top Team completely renovated and equipped with brand new premium mats from Okami Fightgear was laid out, we also went the day before yesterday with our German Top Team Store online. Anyone who thinks that this would have exhausted the capacities was mistaken.

German Top Team Online Academy

For weeks I've been working on the realization of another project, which has been slumbering in the drawer for a long time: the German Top Team Online Academy! However, this is an extremely time-consuming project, because I also want to meet my demand for perfect implementation of a high-quality concept absolutely.

In the future, I will use the same online learning management system as, for example, the universities of California and Michigan. The concept is built like a real online university. You can take courses in different "subjects", which are didactically built on each other. After completing the corresponding lessons and modules, courses can be completed, which is confirmed with a certificate.

I have already spoken with some trainers from the German Top Team and our partner schools in recent weeks and we will succeed in bringing concentrated expertise on video. Black belts and experienced competitors in judo, wrestling, BJJ, grappling, karate and kickboxing make themselves available and show the most effective techniques. In the process (as you are used to from me), attention is paid to even the smallest detail and captured in the moving image.

But also topics such as mobility, strength and fitness, as well as referee trainings of various associations including written final exams are considered and included in the program.

All members from the schools of the German Top Team, who are involved in this project through their coaches and competitors, will receive an access code for the platform, which will give them unlimited access to all content and modules for one year.

After completion of the platform in the coming days, we will probably already start next week to shoot appropriate video content in the brand new dojo, which will then be put online in the shortest possible time in a first course. Then the platform will also go into operation. Of course I will keep you up to date on this.

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