The German Top Team Online Academy opens

In the past few weeks, it was discussed in the circle of the German Top Team already addressed time and again: the establishment of the German Top Team Online Academy as a community and online learning platform on the Internet. Now the time has finally come! From 01 May, the platform will go online with the first courses.


One of the centerpieces of the platform will be a fully-fledged online community of all members. "Togetherness" is more important than ever in Covid19's current difficult times, and the community is designed to keep members from all schools in touch with each other. Each member will be able to set up their own profile, write with others, post to bulletin boards, upload pictures, join groups and more. It will be easy to communicate with each other, even if you train hundreds of miles apart. Through your profile, you'll also keep a close eye on the crown jewel of the community: the

Online Learning Platform

Finally, a place has been created and a way found for the concentrated expertise of the German Top Team's trainers and professional fighters to be accessible to everyone at all times. The German Top Team uses the same Learning Management System (LMS) as, for example, the universities in California and Michigan. This system is closely linked to the community and allows members to access all the trainers' course content in the online academy at any time. Using one of the best video hosting services in the world, all learning videos are transmitted in full HD at lightning speed and without judder. You can think of the courses as very detailed seminars. You can always track your progress via the LMS and also discuss and exchange ideas with like-minded people in the community. And of course, you also have direct contact with the teachers of the courses via their profile.

Wide range of services with top trainers

The main sports covered by the Online Academy are of course Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (with kimono), Luta Livre (without kimono), kick and Thai boxing, Shidokan karate and Shooto (MMA). But also in the areas of functional fitness, cardio training and mobility courses are to be added. The company is particularly proud of the concentrated expertise of its trainers from all over Germany. After all, last year alone the team won more than 300 medals at national and international competitions all over the world. A merit of our trainer team, which can show black belts in all disciplines, as well as European and world champions in the most diverse areas.

Bonus for active members of the schools

The ban on training and the closure of training operations because of Covid19 weighs heavily on all of us. But the solidarity of the members especially in these times is fantastic. Time to give something back to our loyal members here again. From 01 May, access codes will be provided by the schools, which give a 100%iger discount on the fees of an annual membership (Gold Level) in the amount of 299.90 euros for the Online Academy. This means that everyone who has stuck with us so far and will continue to be patient in the coming weeks will be rewarded with a free annual membership. We will compensate and even add value for our members.

The codes will be distributed to the members via the team leaders of the respective schools and are valid for registration in the entire month of May 2020. So, be patient for a few more days before you will be provided with the access codes from 01 May and can get started again!

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