The cautious way back to normality

My mood last night when I read the new Corona Ordinance for Baden-Württemberg was modest to say the least. For me, it literally meant the existence of the German Top Team on the back burner. However, I did not know that at that time an amendment to this ordinance, which had not yet entered into force, had already been decided in a special meeting, which today is about the Stuttgarter Newspaper was published.

Hygiene regulations and reporting requirements remain

The hygiene regulations generally established in our company remain in place. The disinfectant dispensers therefore do not degenerate into decoration, but should continue to be used regularly. Likewise, the obligation to register remains, which means that you can continue to participate in the training only after reservation through our system here on the website.

Contact allowed again

Contact between training participants is allowed again. However, the group size in training should not exceed 20 people, which will continue to be implemented by us via the reservation tool. However, we will adjust the training schedule from next week Wednesday again so that all courses can take place again.

Fixed training partners and groups

Prerequisite for an orderly training operation is the compliance with all hygiene and registration regulations, as well as the work with fixed training partners during the courses. Despite the expiry of the contact restrictions, we ask that you keep sufficient distance from other couples and training participants even during the lessons.

Maeda Submissionism Invitational 2020

As already planned in optimistic foresight the scheduled internal and non-public tournament will take place Maeda Submissionism Invitational 2020 will take place on 25.07. in the premises of the academy in Reutlingen. Information about this can be found on the official website. Fighters from all schools of the GTT can register for this.

I would like to thank all our members, partners and friends for their loyalty and support during this difficult time, but I ask you all for prudence and patience on the way back to normality. Only if we continue to stick together like this and adhere to the rules and regulations, we can create a common path back to a tolerable "new normal".

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