The German Top Team Corona rescue parachute

As of today, the German Top Team Online Academy officially went online. A project that had been growing in my brain for a long time and was taking more and more concrete shape finally became reality. Born out of the necessity of the current Corona crisis, I finally had the time to take care of the implementation of such projects.

I wanted to do something. It wasn't just me who was really scared about my own existence in the face of the lockdown. I know that many of my fellow athletes feel the same way. You have a family to feed, bills to pay, and your livelihood is hanging by a thread from one day to the next.

But I quickly reflected on the fact that our team is more than just a place to pass the time. For many of us, training at the German Top Team or one of the schools affiliated in the network more than just a pastime. For many, it really is already the main part of our lives. Here you have friends, enjoy the interaction with each other and work hard on yourself again every day. And many of our members also see the team as more than "just" a team. The wave of support and loyalty was enormous. Thus inspired, I worked the last two weeks really day and night and have this place on the Internet for US ALL created. No matter where you are. If you have a smartphone with an internet connection, you're just a click away. Anywhere, anytime, you can access the platform's content and stay connected with coaches and teammates.

Free memberships for all GTT members

After being in close contact with the team leaders over the last few weeks, I sent out voucher codes for a total of 430 annual memberships at 300 euros each to the teams and schools today. The term "rescue parachute" always comes to mind. In total, memberships worth almost 130,000 euros were given away by me today. No, let's rather say "given back". Those who show solidarity with their coach, their team and their school should receive something. Not because he has held out his hand, but simply because he has done and is still doing the right thing. It is precisely in times like these that concepts such as loyalty, friendship and camaraderie are more than just empty words.

I'm already incredibly looking forward to the day when we all sweep across the mats together again or kick each other in the head. Hang in there, be there for each other and show that we have our hearts in the right place. Thank you all for your support and your solidarity and I am happy about every single person who is involved in the community.


Your Peter

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