"Battle Royale" at the Interclub

Yes, on a mad Irish whim, the upcoming interclub tournament of the German Top Team on 07.03. in Grünsfeld at the "Alpha Fighters" has been extended by a great category. Each GTT school can register a coach who will then fight in a round robin system in submission only mode against all other coaches of the German Top Team schools.

So the upcoming Interclub will show a "Battle Royale" of the BJJ and Luta Livre trainers of the German Top Team and so far four schools have already answered the call. The winner of this tournament without gender, weight and age classes will then probably be the undisputed Grapple King of the GTT for one year. The fighters can decide for themselves if they want to fight in kimono or no-gi. This makes things even more exciting and above all more interesting for the spectators.

But of course everyone else can compete as well. From absolute beginners to advanced competitors, everyone can have fun here in Luta Livre and BJJ and gain valuable tournament experience.

Messages are still possible until 05.03. here on Smoothcomp possible!

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