Amateur fights at Shooto "Contenders XXXI

Shooto for amateurs and semi-pro fighters

The call for regular Shooto tournaments in the C class have become louder and louder in recent months after the success of "Rookies" in the D class. Now has Shooto Germany decided that in the context of the "Contenders" events of the Semi Pro fighters also an amateur tournament in the C class should take place in each case.

Already on 28.05. at "Contenders XXXI" so the cage will be opened not only for the Semi Pro fighters, but it will be fought during the day also an amateur Shooto tournament in the C class. Thus we close the gap between the Rookies (D-class) and the Semi Pro fighters (B-class) and fight this year finally again in all classes of Shooto in Germany.

Registration for this event has just opened and fighters from all teams and European countries can register for both semi-pro and amateur fights.

Registration Shooto "Contenders XXXI" on Smoothcomp

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