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ADCC Gothaer

It's ADCC Weekend! And in line with the sensational experience of the World Championships this weekend in Las Vegas (USA), we also have great news for the upcoming first edition of the ADCC Super Series on 01 October in the Gym 24 in Herrenberg!

Live moderation of all professional fights

All fights of the championships will be broadcast as usual free of charge and live on SportsGermany.TV broadcast in the best HD quality. Through the support of the Neckar-Alb Gothaer District Office, Tax consultancy Schmid Reutlingen and MatGuerilla this livestream will also be delivered free of charge to all fight fans. But this time sets ADCC Germany one more on top and moderates all fights of the Professional Division live. Who will be heard on the microphone is not yet 100% clear, but certainly experienced and eloquent presenters will guide the audience through the fights on screen.

Prize money

For the first time ADCC Germany also offers prize money for the winners of all Adults Professional Divisions. The athletes can collect up to 2000 Euro prize money. For each Adults Professional Division 250 Euro prize money are offered.

Top general conditions

There are already over 120 entries registered and this event will also shine through punctual organization, live updated brackets via Smoothcomp, a first-class location with large warm-up areas directly at the fight mats and custom made medals, champion belts and championship rings. Professionally trained judges are just as much a part of the "good tone" of the event, as is the large public reach through our livestream. Of course, the results will be listed on the official website of ADCC, where you can also find the announcement of our event.

Registration in the "Late Registration

The "Late Registration" for the Super Series will last just under two weeks. On September 28th at 23:59 the registration period will end and no more entries will be accepted. If you want to be part of this great event in a first-class atmosphere under professional management, you should read our information as soon as possible and complete the fast and secure registration via Smoothcomp here:

Registration ADCC German Open Super Series 2022

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