ADCC German Open Championships 2020

The ADCC German Open Championships 2019 of ADCC Germany in the Wittumhalle in Reutlingen were a great success! Over 240 athletes from 76 teams from 32 countries around the world came to Reutlingen to determine the best fighters in grappling. All fights were broadcasted live for free on SportGermany.tv transferred and can still be viewed completely free.

For 2020, the organizers of the German Top Team in Reutlingen want to go one better and have set their sights firmly on the 300 participant mark. After all, last year they had to close registration early because so many fighters were registered for the championships. This year, they want to create more organizational space for more participants and will hold the event on four mats. After all, last year they managed to stage over 220 fights in just under 8 hours and the event ran smoothly thanks to the use of Smoothcomp.

There are now - five months before the event - already almost 80 fighters registered. It is therefore apparent that the 300 participant mark will be cracked this year and may have to close the registration again prematurely. So if you want to be part of the most prestigious grappling tournament in Germany, you should hurry up with your registration. Until May 13, the discounted registration for "Early Bird" is still valid, then the registration for the full entry fee runs until July 11. So if you hurry, you can not only save money, but also secure your place at the ADCC German Open Championships 2020!

Registration on Smoothcomp

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