ADCC German Nationals Schedule and Info


+++Important info for all participants+++

In order to ensure that the ADCC German National Championships on Saturday, June 25, 2022, run as smoothly as possible, we are providing the following information for all participants and support staff and ask for strict compliance.


  1. All participants can weigh-in already on Friday, 24.06.2022 at the event location from 18-19h. Each athlete must show a passport or ID at the scales without being asked. Weigh-in will take place in fighting clothes. There will be a tolerance of 500 grams to the weight limit.
  2. Athletes who were not weighed in on Friday must weigh in on Saturday between 09:00 and 12:00.
  3. The scale closes for all classes at 12:00 noon at the latest!
  4. We will have three scales and weigh-in stands (Beginner, Intermediate, Professionals) open on both days. Each athlete must be weighed in at least 15 minutes before his class starts. Otherwise the athlete will be disqualified.


  1. Each team has two coaches free. No exceptions will be made. Coaches will receive a wristband, which they must wear visibly throughout the day.
  2. No spectators will be allowed at the event. Underage fighters under the age of 14 may be accompanied to the competition by an adult guardian. This person will also receive a wristband, which must be worn visibly throughout the day. And to prevent unpleasant discussions at the weigh-in: there will be no exceptions for two or more accompanying persons for this 1 (one) accompanying person!
  3. This is a non-public event. We provide a free livestream via SportsGermany.TV here on Kakutogi available. The livestream is installed directly on the home page and can be viewed freely.


  1. We organize all our events via Smoothcomp and ask all coaches and fighters to follow the times in the "Schedule". After creating the brackets, you can clearly see on which mat each athlete fights at which time via the item "Brackets&Schedule". The schedule is constantly updated in real time, so times can change. We ask you to pay attention to this.
  2. When the "Go to Bullpenn" sign is next to the match in the mat schedule, the fighters must be ready to fight in the warm-up area. Each fighter will be called to the match only once. If he does not appear on the mat for the match within 1 minute after being called, he will be disqualified and the opponent will be declared the winner.
  3. The schedule and brackets will be published no later than 8 p.m. on Thursday, June 23, 2022.

Merging of classes/only one participant in the class

  1. Each participant can track the occupancy of their class on Smoothcomp.
  2. We will move all individual competitors who are without an opponent in their class either one age division OR one weight division after registration closes to guarantee at least one match for each competitor.
  3. For participants where this is not possible, the fighter will receive the gold medal in that class without a fight. To do this, the fighter must be present and weighed and within their weight limit no later than 12:00 noon on the event day. At the first awards ceremony of the day after 12:00 noon, these fighters will be called to the podium and should be ready in sports attire to receive their gold medal.
  4. Girls and boys under the age of 14 can be grouped together.
  5. Fighters who receive the gold medal without a fight will not score points in the team ranking.

Best Team

  1. As with every ADCC Germany event, the "Best Team" will be awarded with a large trophy at these National Championships. The points for this ranking are automatically calculated by Smoothcomp and the result is formed. For this purpose the following point key is used:
        • Each first place earned gives 5 points in the team ranking
        • Every second place won gives 3 points in the team ranking.
        • Every third place won gives 1 point in the team ranking.
  2. The award ceremony for the Best Team will take place directly after the last award ceremony of the day. Team representatives of the teams should be ready, as the second and third place teams will also receive medals.

MatGuerilla booth


Our sponsor MatGuerilla will be on site with a sales booth where you can buy the latest fight shorts and rashguards. The official event t-shirt of the ADCC German National Championships by Pitbull Westcoast is also exclusively available at this booth. The shirt is available for 29,90 Euro and all medal winners will get the shirt for 20,00 Euro! A small thank you from ADCC Germany for the many hours on the mat and in training that led to success.

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