50-man kumite in "Grapple&Move" with Amin Aichele


In spring, Luta Livre Blackbelt Amin Aichele and his partner Sascha Rau launched the "Grapple&Move" opened in Freiberg am Neckar. And already shortly after the opening an idea manifested itself in the head of the ADCC National Champions, how he can inaugurate his dojo worthy. Motivated by the 50-man kumite of his teacher and mentor in Shidokan Karate, Amin also decided to fight against 50 men: but in Luta Livre.

Unique test of will and strength

Next Sunday, the 16.10. will be from 11 o'clock in the Stuttgarterstraße 40, 71691 Freiberg am NeckarAmin will test his will and strength in the most extreme way. He will compete against 50 opponents in Luta Livre over a respective fight time of 3 minutes, which corresponds to a total fight time of 150 minutes, so two and a half hours! Spectators are expressly welcome. An entrance fee will not be charged.

There will be no points or advantages and all submissions will be allowed. Opponents will be high-ranking fighters and trainers from the German Top Team Schools from all over Germany will be present, together with their best students.

Documentation and result

Of course, a film crew will be on site to capture the event and make a short documentary about this special fight. To successfully compete in the "Kumite" Amin must win at least 25 of the 50 fights and he must complete all 50 rounds. This performance test will be supervised and evaluated by Peter Angerer (3rd Dan BJJ, 2nd Dan Luta Livre) and Diego Figueiredo (3rd Dan BJJ, Faixa Preta Luta Livre). Among Amin's opponents will also be numerous other Blackbelts in Luta Livre. The result will be announced directly after the kumite on site.

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